EEA Grants / Norway Grants

EEA Grants / Norway Grants
Ministerstvo životního prostředí

Study and preparation of special documentation for the protection of the tiger moths Watsonarctia casta and Chelis maculosa in 2015–2016

The aim of this project was to:

1) update the knowledge concerning occurrence of these two endangered species and the knowledge concerning their habitat preferences,

2) develop new species action plans and management plans concerning localities with their occurrence. The project was conceived as an expert study concerning the overall literature search, collection search, datasets/file search, identification of historical localities, floristic and ecological revision and systematic mapping of both formerly known and newly selected localities with possible occurrence of the two species.

Presented documents were created with the financial support from the EEA Funds 2009–2014 and the Ministry of Environment. For the content of the documents, the Czech Society for Butterfly and Moth Conservation is solely responsible and under no circumstances these documents can be regarded as reflecting the opinion of the donor or the Ministry of Environment.

Introductory seminary – 07/03/2015 (invitation in PDF)

Field seminars – 05/2015 (invitation in PDF):
08–09/05/2015, Podyjí National Park; field excursion (Saturday) – Havraníky area, former military training fields
09–10/05/2015, Bílé Karpaty Protected Landscape Area; field excursion (Sunday) – Vápenky and Radějov
15–16/05/2015, Český kras Protected Landscape Area; presentations, introduction to the project and methods, field excursions (Friday, Saturday)

Workshop – 03/10/2015 (invitation in PDF)
Mapping and monitoring of the tiger moths of European importance – Chelis maculosa and Watsonarctia casta in 2015, information (incl. results) (presentation – A. Pavlíčko)

Samples of project background

– survey map (JPG)
– recording table (DOC)

Continuous outputs

– contribution to the 9th Lepidopterological Colloquium (PDF, the complete proceedings here)
– poster presented at the 9th Lepidopterological Colloquium and at project seminars (PDF)
– presentation at the seminars: 07/03/2015 (PPT), 08/05/2015 (PPT)

Project photogallery

– for photos please visit our standalone page

Project - Analytical Part


Project - Results

Chelis maculosa - resulting map: 01, 02, 03, 04
Analysis and results - map square 7162
Analysis and results - map square 7165